Truffle hunting experience in Tuscany

A real truffle walking in a Tuscan forest with the truffle hunter and his truffle dog!


  • 8.00am – pick-up
  • 8.40am – arrive in Pisa
  • 9.10am – leave for truffle farm
  • 10.00am – truffle hunting
  • Cooking class/truffle tasting
  • 3.00pm – ending of truffle experience

This program is intended as a guideline only. Our tours are totally flexible, so just let us know if you want to miss something out, or add something in.

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truffle hunter dog

Truffle hunting experience in Tuscany in detail

After a quick stop in front of Pisa tower to pose for a lovely picture, we’ll head off to a local farmhouse within the surroundings of the enchanting medieval borough of San Miniato, where you will meet an expert truffle hunter. Famous for its colorful history, fine leather craftsmanship and top-quality white truffle, San Miniato has become an emblem of prestige.

Once you’ve been given a few tips, set off for an exhilarating walk into the woods, drawn by the distinctive scent of truffle.

Be charmed by the magnificent Tuscan landscape and by the history of this precious tuber as you stroll through the fragrant woodland with the truffle hunter, and follow the dog patrolling the underwood in search of wild truffles.

Discover the unique flavor of white truffle (from September to December) or summer black truffle (from June to November).

white truffle tuscany

After your amazing quest, discover the most mouth-watering recipes by attending a master chef’s cooking class, and enjoy the authentic taste of truffle-based dishes.

San Miniato white truffle breaks the world record: in 1954 a 5.07lb. white truffle was picked up and donated to Eisenhower, while in 2007 a 3,31lb. whote truffle was sold for $ 330’000. Black truffle is available throughout the year, while white truffle can be found only from September to December. This explains white truffles’ rarity and prestige.

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